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The Travel Industry’s Only Transformation Design Program Welcomes Its 4thCohort to Begin Spring 2021

SEATTLE — January, 2021 -The Transformational Travel Council (TTC) carries

momentum into the New Year and new decade—with the launch of its second

Transformation Design Program: A Collaborative Study on Transformational Travel

and its Impact. Through rigorously crafted curriculum, the TTC, with the support of its

emerging Ally community, is improving lives, communities at home and abroad, the

ecosystem, and humanity through conscious and sustainable travel.

Since its inception in 2016, the TTC has launched the Ally Membership, the

Transformation Design Program and the Herald Media Membership, and will soon

unveil the newly minted Destination Level Program. “The Transformation Design

Program seeks, at its heart, to equip inspired, engaged, and thoughtful travel

professionals with the frameworks, tools, and knowledge to guide and empower

travelers in their pursuit of personal transformation and positive global impact,” said

Tanner Colton, the Onboarding, and Education & Training Program Manager for the

TTC. “Introduced in the spring of 2020, the Transformation Design Program now

boasts 126 alumni—an impressive cohort of dedicated and determined change agents

who are leading the tourism industry toward A New Dawn In Travel.”

Recent graduates of the Transformation Design Program have been particularly

impressed by about the scope of the program. “The quality and depth of the content

have been exceptional. There is so much to learn and understand and I have gained so

many new ideas and tools to use for my business. I had no idea it would be this good! I

love being part of the community and feeling like we are on a shared journey together,”

said Jools Sampson, Founder and Owner of Reclaim Yourself Retreats.

The 2021 Transformation Design Program consists of a four-month cooperatively

designed educational program for conscious travel professionals who are looking to

collaborate, build relationships, share insights, and ultimately, grow their respective

Transformational Travel practices.

The TTC is accepting 35 candidates from all segments of tourism to join the next

cohort, launching March 15, 2021, and will accept applications until March 1, 2021.

The Program includes an online-based curriculum that utilizes webinars, forums,

facilitated discussions, offline exercises, suggested readings, and on-going support

from a fellow Design Mentor Companion. All materials and collaborations will be

administered on a robust interactive platform. Content will be delivered by an

experienced roster of alumni, tourism professionals, and expert special guest


“The world is in dire need of conscious, compassionate, and highly-skilled thought

leaders to usher in a new dawn the next generation of travel,” said Colton. “The TTC is

inviting such practitioners and innovators to apply and help bring about more ethical,

empathetic, and ecologically sound ecological business models in travel and tourism


For more information on the TTC Mentor Program and roster of participating

For more information on the Transformational Travel Council, visit,



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