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This Holiday Season, the Gift of Travel is Perfect!

A Classic Tours Collection is offering discounts on gifts this season.

A recent survey states: 62% of Americans Want Experiences Over Gifts Americans are making up for last year with more travel and experiences. 62 percent of respondents prefer experiences over physical items when it comes to gifting. Gift-givers can “wow” everyone on their list this year by helping them explore new places in a new way.

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Most of us agree that life’s real education happens outside the classroom. Classrooms with teachers, friends and textbooks are of course one way to learn, but they are not the only options. In fact, traveling is the best way to learn things and the things that matter.

Whether it be learning to pet the elephants in Cambodia, experiencing the festivals of India, Nepal, Bali & more or dancing Samba in Brazil, you will experience plenty of new things during your travels.

"TRAVEL WILL NEVER FAIL YOU AS A TEACHER" Our understanding gets better how the cultures around the world vary and where the common ground lies. Differences exist in cuisines, etiquettes and lifestyle across different cultures. Despite the differences, we find so many commonalities like shared love for art, nature and ancestors that bind all the different cultures together. It is not just about learning things to make our living but also contributing towards making it a better place to live in. The understanding of diverse cultures plays a vital role in our education & understanding.

Nothing beats traveling to historic landmarks and exploring your way around a city’s history and culture. Strolling through the streets and visit museums, palaces and galleries, the entire nation’s history comes out right in front of us. Learning about different dynasties, conflicts and changes is so much easier when one actually explores a nation. Meeting the locals in person and entering into a dialogue makes one understand history in a more accurate way or at least it provides with you with a whole different perspective.

Travel teaches you not just about the world as it was in the past but also as it is today. It’s probably the best way to truly understand the political situation, economic scenario and social structure of the world we are living in today.

The Exotic travel destinations “Incredible Journeys” offers are infused with a kaleidoscopic blend of enchantment and sensual indulgence. Unique local events and festivals create unforgettable moments - not typically seen by outsiders ensuring an experience that no previous travel compares. The possibilities of intoxicating experiences are diverse that have been hand crafted for your pleasure.

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