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Tune In - Tourism and War Summit With 2 UNWTO Former Secretaries-General

On October 31st, join in on a timely webinar that tackles the topic of war. The Tourism and War Summit features 2 former Secretaries-General of the UNWTO: Francesco Frangialli, Taleb Rifai and world famous Aziz Abu Sarah, the Palestinian whose brother was imprisoned, tortured, and died in an Israeli prison. Instead of taking revenge, Aziz Abu Sarah became an activist for Peace and anti-violence. He created Peace tours in Jerusalem and uses tourism to build bridges. (He is also a regular guest on CNN & the Washington Post).


What is the role of tourism during the war and conflicts?

What can tourism do?

Should travel and tourism stakeholders choose a side and take actions?


31 October: New York 9 am , London 1 pm , Paris 14:00 , Cairo / Kyiv / Jerusalem: 3 pm , Dubai 5 pm , India 6:30 pm , China 9 pm , Sydney 12 am



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