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TURKEY GENERAL INFORMATION Surrounded by waterways, a great way to tour is by boat. Predominantly Islamic, famous monuments can be found in Istanbul where almost 6 million people live. Mosques, museums and bazaars blend together to create a kaleidoscopic city to visit.

BERGAMA The Ascklepion at Bergama is “the world’s oldest hospital.” Bergama or Pergamon, is famous for its library, and the architecture here reflects the history of having been dominated by a variety of cultures over the centuries.

EPHESUS A significant city in biblical times, the Temple of Artemis was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. John wrote the 4th book of the New testament in Ephesus, and Mary lived in a house here, resulting in thousands making pilgrimages here each year.

KUSADASA Not far from Ephesus, this city overlooks a beautiful inlet on the Agean Sea. Belly dancing is a spirited diversion on glittering nights here.



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