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Turkish Airlines Announces ‘Companion Entertainment’ for its ‘Planet’ Entertainment Platform

Aiming to be the leader and pioneer in the aviation industry, Turkish Airlines, offers its passengers the ‘Companion Entertainment’ app that can be paired with the inflight entertainment platform ‘Planet’. This application, makes ‘Planet’ an interactive platform, which can be used before and after flights, thus boosting passenger satisfaction.

Transforming the flag carrier’s inflight entertainment into a concept that can be interacted with even outside of the airplane, this new application will be available in over 100 aircrafts during the first stage. Over time, this special experience provided by the application will be available in more airplanes for passengers of Turkish Airlines.

With the ‘Companion Entertainment’, passengers will be able to browse the rich variety of content offered by ‘Planet’ before their travels. Adding their preferred movies, TV shows and series to their favorites, they will be able to watch them on top of the clouds immediately.

Passengers travelling with Turkish Airlines will be able to control the seatback screens with their mobile devices thanks to this app. They will be able to play, pause, browse and control the volume with their mobile devices. The app, also turns the mobile device of the passenger into a second screen for the Planet platform.

Turkish Airlines passengers can download the ‘Companion Entertainment’ app to their mobile devices from IOS and Android stores.* They can then pair their mobile devices to the Planet platform during their flights to enjoy the benefits of the new app.

You can find the introduction video of the application from the link below:



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