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Konditorei Restaurant in Sun Valley, Idaho, Becomes a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant®

Sun Valley, Idaho — March 7, 2018 — The Konditorei at Sun Valley Resort has been named a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant® by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA), a national nonprofit organization helping restaurants to become more environmentally sustainable. The Konditorei received 224.19 GreenPoints™ on the GRA’s rigorous certification scale by implementing 75 environmental steps. This makes the Konditorei the first restaurant to receive this designation at a ski resort and second in the state of Idaho.

To receive the certification from the Green Restaurant Association dining establishments must meet strict guidelines. Known for its house-made baked goods and pastries, diverse menu with items made from locally-sourced products, and progressive practices to incorporate environmentally-friendly operations, the green rating is a much-anticipated certification.

“The environment is our livelihood. Our goals for getting green-certified were threefold,” stated Matt Robinson, the Konditorei’s manager. “To raise awareness among team members and guests, encourage other local restaurants to be more sustainable through leading by example, and ultimately, to help protect the environment we cherish through mindful business practices.”

Highlights of the Green Accomplishments:

  • Full-scale recycling and composting program, which diverts 90% of the Konditorei’s waste from a landfill.

  • Use of ENERGY STAR® appliances, which is 30-40% more efficient than traditional models.

  • Over 70% of the Konditorei’s lighting are LEDs, which use up to 90% less energy, last longer, contain no mercury, and emit fewer greenhouse gases than incandescent bulbs.

  • Over 80% of the coffee and tea served at the Konditorei are USDA-certified organic.

  • The Konditorei uses a GreenPro certified Integrated Pest Management Service, which utilizes the source of the problem instead of using unnecessary pesticides and chemicals.

  • Menus are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled fiber, created with 100% renewable energy, and Green Seal certified.

  • The pre-rinse spray valve in the dish pits saves approximately 34,000 gallons of water annually, compared to conventional methods.

Detailed information about the Konditorei’s Green Label designation and their environmental steps are here.

Coffee Talk at the Konditorei

As a part of the Konditorei’s continued support of sustainable practices, they are offering the Coffee Talk at the Konditorei series, focusing on ways the resort and the community are working together to support environmental stewardship. The first one in the series is happening on Thursday, March 15, 2018, from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm.

“How Do Snowmaking and Grooming Connect?” highlights Sun Valley Resort’s leading-edge snowmaking and grooming systems. With over 700 snow guns and supporting equipment, there is a fair amount of responsibility for maintenance, energy-use, and the environment.

The featured speakers for this informative evening are Dennis Harper, Sun Valley Resort’s snowmaking manager, and Ben Otto, the Idaho Conservation League’s (ICL) energy associate. Topics covered will include what it takes to make snow, the amount of energy used, and what Sun Valley is doing to help the power grid. Attendees can also learn how the ICL advocates for energy conservation programs, along with learning some easy ways to save energy at home.

Admission is free, and no reservations are required. Locally-roasted coffee, house-made pastries, craft beer, specialty wine, and a full menu will be available throughout the event.



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