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When Good Tourists Go Bad

Throwing garbage, scribbling graffiti, jumping into fountains . . . Is it because of frustration? Lack of respect? Why are some tourists so badly behaved? Check out this webinar with a panel of tourism experts.

Bad Tourist Behavior Webinar with international Expert Panel. Register Now

New York 08:00 AM , São Paulo 09:00 , London 13:00 , Paris 14:00 , Dubai 16:00 , Delhi 17:30 , Bangkok / Jakarta 19:00 , Beijing 20:00 , Sydney 22:00

Along with the crushing influx of tourists at travel destinations around the world, escalating bad tourist behaviour is making headlines in global media yet again. It is argued that we are living in a culture of entitlement with tourists seduced by marketed fantasies of unlimited freedom and rights to indulge. Yet, what about responsibilities and accountability that demonstrate respect, mutual love, and care for the travel destinations others call home? Insights into these and other questions will be at the core of today's international webinar.

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