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Imagine! 89 Percent of American Flyers DON’T Want Cell Phone Service In-flight

ETN: According to a new Nielsen survey, more American travelers want to keep air travel cell phone service free and hope to keep air travel as one of the few places to be actually disconnected.

The study dives into current attitudes and perceptions before, during and after a trip revealed the majority of U.S. travelers oppose the use of cell phone calls on board and cite “nuisance, disturbance” as the main reason (89%). As technology has improved to allow charging and more online connectivity, that opposition to cell coverage has continued to grow since 2015.

The report found that among U.S. travelers, the most important in-flight factor is the cleanliness of the cabin and lavatory (96%). Other highly important factors for passengers include friendly, attentive and accessible staff (94%); wider seat spacing in all classes (93%); quality food and beverage options (92%); and console screen on the back of the seat for entertainment and information (90%). Internet connectivity (77%) is the most expected feature.

Key findings of the U.S. Aviation Trends 2017 Report include:

• When it comes to booking a mid or long-haul flight, the most important aspect for passengers in the U.S. are non-stop flights (93%), established good service on board in economy class (92%), maximum of one stopover (89%) and services offered by airlines’ frequent flier program (81%), all of which have gained a significant amount when compared to previous period.

• Regarding airline recommendations, respondents heavily rely on their own experiences (79%), but also consider the feedback they receive from friends and family (62%) as well as travel blogger reviews (27%).

• More than half of airline passengers (60%) prefer booking all–inclusive instead of paying for a cheaper priced ticket (40%), the latter having decreased when compared to the previous period.



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