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20201 Tourism News about Berlin - Museums, Airports & Highlights

Los Angeles / Berlin, January 17, 2021 -- There’s much to look forward to in Berlin -- when we will again be able to travel. 2021 is the year of major cultural openings, new ways to explore the city (via subway!) and of course the new airport that is up and running.

A comprehensive events calendar can be accessed here.

Highlights include:

Museum News

Humboldt Forum. Berlin’s new top sight is opening Successive opening throughout 2021 Europe’s largest and most significant cultural construction project is completed and has begun to successively open its doors to the public - for now virtually.

Located adjacent to Museum Island in Berlin’s historic center, the Franco Stella-designed full-size reproduction of the former 16th century Hohenzollern palace, formerly located at the same site, replicates three of the original baroque facades, with a minimalist fourth facade, a massive covered courtyard and a state of the art interior. The Humboldt Forum is Berlin’s new highlight and landmark, and is designed as a unique venue for the dialogue of world cultures. The original palace was damaged during WWII and later demolished by the GDR system to make room for the East German Parliament, which in turn was demolished after the city’s reunification.

The Humboldt Forum is opening as a new cosmopolitan space for culture, art, and science. It features almost 323,000 square feet of exhibition space, including four permanent exhibitions, workshop spaces for cultural education, the Lustgarten outdoor space and five restaurants ranging from bistro-style to gourmet dining. Some 1000 events per year will eventually take place at the Humboldt Forum, underscoring the institution’s purpose of being a space for discourse and culture.

Opening highlights include: Berlin Global (January 2021): Berlin’s history in relation to the world, presented by topic in nine rooms and focusing on the themes of Thinking the World, Berlin Images, Revolution, Free Space, Boundaries, Entertainment, War, Fashion, Interconnection.

Opening Ethnological Museum and Museum for Asian Art (September 2021): Presentation of the National Museums’ more than 20,000 exhibits on the second and third floor of the Humboldt Forum covering epochs of art and culture from around the world. The exhibitions include a critical look at colonialism and Europe’s part in it.

Images can be downloaded here.

New National Gallery - Mies van der Rohe Modernist Icon to reopen in 2021 August 2021 (please check updates) After completing a six year renovation, Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie (New National Gallery) is scheduled to reopen in the summer of 2021 with an exhibition by Alexander Calder. The iconic steel and glass building is a landmark of modern architecture. Designed by Mies van der Rohe and completed in 1968 as a museum for 20th century art, the New National Gallery was the architect’s last building erected in Germany after WWII. He died shortly after the opening. Van der Rohe’s modernist vision of creating fluid, open spaces is reflected in the design of the glazed upper pavilion of the gallery. The Neue Nationalgalerie not only stands as an icon of modernism, but as testament to a visionary architect of the 20th century. No major work had been done on the building since its opening. Renovations began in 2015 and are overseen by David Chipperfield Architects, aim to repair all damaged features and correct serious safety deficits, while preserving the visual aspect of the building. Further Information here and here.

Jewish Museum Berlin to open ANOHA Children’s Museum Spring 2021 In spring 2021 the Jewish Museum Berlin will be opening its own children's museum, the ANOHA, which takes the story of Noah from the Torah as its starting point for a journey into the future. At the center of the children's museum is a gigantic ark, 150 different animals—and the children themselves, who are invited to steer the ship together while imagining and experiencing stories of creation, new beginnings, diversity, and sustainable use of resources.

House of One: Three Religions, One House Under Construction Berlin is soon to become home to something truly unique. Jews, Christians, and Muslims are planning to build a house of worship here – one that brings a synagogue, a church, and a mosque together under one roof. The three separate sections will be linked by a communal room in the center of the building. This will serve as a meeting place, where worshipers and members of the public can come together and learn more about the religions and each other. The House of Oneis a contemporary expression of religious life, expressed in an equally modern architectural language.

National Monument to Freedom and Unity Now under construction in front of the new Humboldt Forum, Germany’s National Monument to Freedom and Unity will be dedicated to the men and women who peacefully fought for the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, bringing about the reunification of Berlin and Germany. Designed as a kinetic bowl, the monument resembles a seesaw, gently shifting as visitors gather on top of it. The Milla & partner-designed 164 x 59 feet sculpture symbolizes the power of joint action, communication and participation.

Museum of the 20th Century at Kulturforum Planned Berlin’s most interesting construction site is located at the Kulturforum between the Neue Nationalgalerie and the Berlin Philharmonic Hall, where in the next few years the Museum of the 20th Century will be built. The new museum will be designed by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, and will – eventually together with the New National Gallery – display collections of 20th century art.

Travel & Tourism

Airport Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt (BER) now open German capital will finally has a large, unified and modern airport. Germany’s third largest airport, Berlin Brandenburg “Willy Brandt” airport BER, is in operation since October 31, 2020. IATA code for the entire airport location is now BER. Schӧnefeld SXF become BER Terminal 5, Tegel TXL closed November 2020.

New Subway line U5 connects major cultural highlights In operation since December 4 with three new metro stations, the extended U5 subway line now connects some of Berlin’s major highlights, including Brandenburg Gate, City Hall, Unter den Linden and Alexanderplatz, and soon Museum Island (starts operation summer 2021). The new U5 extension not only makes sightseeing even easier, but also leads visitors off the beaten path and discover the hidden gems along the way. In full operation, the U5 serves 26 stations along a total route of 22 km.


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