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Air France's Low Cost Airline Joon is Finished

by Alain StAnge: The company created in 2017 will be integrated into Air France

TourMag in France has announced that Benjamin Smith, CEO of Air France-KLM, has made his decision:- Joon, Air France's "millenial" little sister, will see its operations integrated within the parent company, and this just one year after his creation. The rumour swelled in recent months, but it is now official. Joon, the Air France Group company launched in December 2017, will see this brand disappear and its operations and staff integrated into Air France. According to what has been confirmed by several sources from the workers union and by the management, the news would have been announced to employees of the company on Thursday, January 10, 2019 in the middle of the day.

All Joon flights currently sold or for sale will be guaranteed by Joon until the project is finalized and then taken over by Air France. An official communique on the matter will be issued soon.

As we announced in October 2018, Benjamin Smith, the Canadian boss of the Air France-KLM group, did not understand the principle of the young company and was considering a strategy to simplify the brands of the French air group. Dutch. Although the company is already profitable after a year of activities, the hybrid positioning of Joon, midway between a low-cost and a regular company, did not convince the airline's CEO.

This time is now for destinations such as Seychelles that is linked by non-stop flights to Paris to be working with Air France to ensure the French step in and continue the service.



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