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DisclosureFest™ Foundation is Proud to Present a Weekly Global Mass Meditation Live Stream Series

Los Angeles, CA - April 17, 2020 - DisclosureFest™ Foundation has recently launched a Weekly Global Mass Meditation Live Stream Series powered by DisclosureFest™LIVE and Portal to Ascension, hosted by noted radio hosts Jimmy Church and Michelle Anderson. The live stream series is available in over 30 countries and offers conscious yoga, meditation, sound healing, ecstatic dance and live music performances, as well as visionary artists and speakers from the conscious community.

This offering is a way for DisclosureFest™, the popular annual Los Angeles Summer Solstice event and community resource foundation, to enter into people’s homes with a pure heart space connection to spread love and unity during this time of isolation and fear.

DisclosureFest™ founder Adrian Vallera notes, “As our city leaders have noted, it is truly a time to come together, apart. We are excited to bring our community this offering and are holding space for our annual event to take place as planned this summer.”

These live streams will be broadcasting every Tuesday and Wednesday through May 6th from 2:00pm - 4:00pm PDT. The live streams will feature music artists like Deya Dova, Poranguí and Ashley Klein, Elijah Ray, Kiyoshi, and more who will share their talents with the community. The lineup includes world renown speakers, spiritual teachers and facilitators such as Dr. Steven Greer, Mirabai Devi and Adam Apollo, world famous EFT/Tapping coach Jennifer Partridge, meditation teacher Caroline Cory, yoga instructors Robin Marty and Andrew Sealy, as well as health and wellness influencer Jonny Juicer.  

These online events are free, participants can sign up at

About DisclosureFest™ Foundation: 

DisclosureFest™ Foundation is remembered for their 20K+ attendance Mass Mediation Initiative festival each Summer Solstice at the Los Angeles State Historic Park in Chinatown. Less known is that DisclosureFest™ is a multicultural, community and initiative based nonprofit platform. The Foundation unites heart-centered, like-minded people, donors and sponsors in an effort to raise consciousness, provide education on health and wellness, and create awareness of global, environmental and humanitarian initiatives through on-going monthly volunteer-based events and programs. The six Initiatives at the heart of the DisclosureFest™ Foundation are: The Clean Air Initiative to combat air pollution, The Feed Our Souls Initiative to help our homeless brothers and sisters, The Beach ‘N River Cleanup Initiative to keep our waterways clean, The StarSeed Initiative to boost our communities children, the newest addition, The Every Elder Initiative to help older people, then finally The Mass Meditation Initiative to encourage mindfulness. 



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