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While beautiful Los Cabos has traditionally been regarded as a top tourism destination for its landscapes, culture, and attractions, the destination has recently earned a new distinction: as the Ecotourism capital of the southern hemisphere. With a total ban on one-use plastics and cruise ship dockings, the designation of 42% of the state as protected, and a new mandate that all new hotels must have a desalination plant, sustainability is a way of life in Los Cabos. In this month’s newsletters, we provide a guide for visiting Los Cabos sustainably, highlighting the eco-friendly excursions and properties that are setting a new standard in environmental responsibility.

Los Tamarindos: Farm-to-Table Flair

Los Cabos is in the middle of a mouth-watering Farm-to-Table renaissance…and Los Tamarindos is leading the charge. Situated in a rustic farmhouse just a mile inland from the Sea of Cortez, the fertile soil of this former sugar cane plantation is ideal for growing and sustainably harvesting the organic fruits and vegetables that make the cuisine of Los Cabos so delectable. Los Tamarindos’ dynamic menu reflects the dualistic nature of the destination: the sea provides treats like grilled octopus and pacific oysters, while the land offers baked cauliflower and favourites like Vegetarian chile relleno. Of course, Los Tamarindos is more than just a restaurant: it’s also a cooking school, offering visitors the chance to embark on an authentic journey into the region’s cuisine. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real Mexican farm as you prepare a 4-course meal in an outdoor kitchen terrace and learn about the diverse culinary history of Los Cabos. For more information (or pictures of delicious food), visit


Cabo Expeditions: Adventure Sustainably

The locales of Cabo San Lucas are renowned for their natural beauty, with rocky arches, gentle green hills, and white desert sands all intersecting to create an eclectic landscape unlike any other in the world. Protecting these environments—and the rich biodiversity they contain—necessitates a certain respect for both the natural and cultural heritage of Los Cabos. Cabo Expeditions has found the magic formula for balancing conservation and tourism, operating their Ecotours in a way that cements and builds an appreciation for the wildlife of Los Cabos. With a commitment both to educating tourists and making regular contributions to conservation initiatives and programs, Cabo Expeditions ensures that the seas and sands of the peninsula will remain unspoilt for future generations to enjoy. As the only tour operator in Mexico authorized to rescue whales, it should go without saying that their whale watching tours are incredible. If you’re interested in aquatic species of a smaller variety you won’t want to miss the Cabo Submarine, which offers an underwater odyssey into Los Cabos’ marine ecosystem.  Choose to tour responsibly and visit today.


El Ganzo: Los Cabos’ Leader in Eco-Friendly Accommodations

While there are many stunning hotels in Los Cabos, there are none quite like El Ganzo. This boutique hotel boasts ocean views and 70 stylish guest rooms, each lavishly customized with locally made furnishings. The amenities are extraordinary, with a rooftop infinity pool and the five-room El Ganzo Spa topping the list of indulgent attractions. Moreover, El Ganzo is more than just a place to stay: it’s where the culture of Los Cabos comes alive. With a rotating “cultural calendar” that features musical acts, local artists, and even horseback riding, there’s always something amazing going on at the property. If you’re still on the fence about booking a stay, consider that El Ganzo is an innovator in sustainable accommodations: the pool is heated by solar power, all waste is sorted to encourage composting, and the hotel uses biodegradable straws. Bonus: they source all their fresh produce from Los Tamarindos! To learn more about this exceptional property, visit


Deep-Sea Fishing:

For an unforgettable excursion on your next Los Cabos vacation, a Deep Sea Fishing expedition is not to be missed. There’s nothing quite like taking to the azure sea in a charter boat, hunting for sportfishing off the starboard bow. Whichever tour operator you choose to sail with, you can expect to receive that classic Los Cabos comfort: almost every boat is equipped with an open bar and a personal chef (to make those days when you don’t catch anything just a bit more bearable). If you’re worried about upsetting the delicate balance of Los Cabos’ underwater ecosystem, worry not. The coastal waters are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere, which means Los Cabos’ world-famous diving and deep-sea fishing operators must work within a strict set of parameters that protect the offshore marine life. In other words, you can catch to your heart’s content, secure in the knowledge that there will be plenty of marlin for the next generation of fishermen and fisherwomen to catch and release. To learn more about Deep Sea Fishing charters in Los Cabos, check out the website of one of the foremost tour providers:

About Los Cabos

Los Cabos, located at the tip of the 1,000-mile-long Baja Peninsula, is one of the world's most diverse tourism destinations. Boasting a dramatic desert backdrop nestled by coastlines of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez, Los Cabos is home to award-winning resorts and culinary offerings considered some of the finest available anywhere. A growing list of championship golf courses, rejuvenating spas, world-renowned sport fishing tournaments and state of the art convention facilities add to the destination's unmatched appeal.

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