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Discover the Most Unforgettable Aquatic Experiences in St. Maarten 

Toronto, ON - December 14, 2023 - St. Maarten, a picturesque Caribbean island known for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, offers travellers a wide range of exhilarating water activities. Whether you are an adventure seeker or a leisurely traveller, the island has something for everyone. From scuba diving to jet skiing, St. Maarten offers an unforgettable aquatic experience that will leave you wanting more.

Scuba Diving in St. Maarten is a must-do activity for any water enthusiast. With a number of dive sites boasting vibrant coral reefs and an abundance of marine life, divers can explore a whole new world beneath the surface. There are over 35 dive sites in St. Maarten & Saint Martin which are home to an amazing marine life diversity, suitable for all levels, with well-preserved wrecks and reefs.

Snorkelling is a great choice for those who don’t want to venture into deep water. Opening this December, the Under Sint Maarten - Artificial Reef Sculpture Park features over 300 captivating artificial reef sculptures placed along a designated trail, and is an immersive experience offering travellers an unforgettable snorkelling adventure. Travellers can float gracefully above the underwater exhibition, admiring the sculptures that celebrate the island’s vibrant culture and history whilst providing a protected habitat for marine species to thrive - it's an extraordinary opportunity to witness the exciting life of a diverse aquatic ecosystem just beneath the surface, and the first underwater snorkelling park in the Caribbean. Aqua Mania Adventures offers daily departures and equipment rentals from Little Bay and Simpson Bay, and it is recommended to book ahead.

Jet Skiing is a thrilling option that provides an easy adrenaline rush as you speed across the turquoise waters, taking in the stunning coastal views. Many island operators, such as Blue Bubbles in Philipsburg, offer jet ski guided tours, which can include a history lesson and importance of the Simpson Bay Lagoon – the largest enclosed body of water in the Caribbean, allowing travellers to explore the island's coastline in style, and view attractions such as towering cliffsides, Maho beach airport landings, sandy coves and the various marinas home to the superyachts of the rich and famous. 

Kayaking is another popular water activity in St. Maarten, allowing visitors to explore the island's hidden coves and mangroves while getting in a great workout. Tri-Sport offers kayak rentals, either for individual use or as guided tours, ensuring a safe and memorable experience for all. Paddleboarding is another great way to see St. Maarten from the water, allowing you to glide along the calm waters and take in the breathtaking scenery at your own pace.

Kite Surfers and Windsurfers are spoilt for choice with St. Maarten’s 37 beaches giving access to the most ideal wind and water conditions. Having an average wind speed of 13 knots year round, St. Maarten is the perfect spot for all skill levels, with plenty of opportunities for guided sessions. Experts can wait for the season of December to April, when Tradewinds bring stronger winds averaging 15 - 18 knots. Wind Adventures in Orient Bay offers kite rentals, lessons and even a CataKite where the kite is attached to the boat, allowing for a gentle introduction to the sport.

The easiest way to experience the waters of St. Maarten is to hop aboard one of the countless Boat Charters offering exciting full day and half day sailing itineraries. From catamarans, to speed boats or even a former America's Cup winning sailboat, you’ll be able to experience the entire island at your own pace and take in the breath-taking views of the island as you sail along the coastline. Discover hidden gems, secret coves, and get access to the best snorkelling spots along protected reefs and rocky coastlines. Customise your own day trip, by visiting the beaches of Anguilla, or making a stop in St. Barth’s. Pyratz Gourmet Cruises offers a fleet of 2 boats which combine luxury, and gastronomy at sea for the ultimate yachting experience.

For travellers seeking an unforgettable vacation filled with water adventures, St. Maarten is the perfect destination. With a variety of exciting activities to choose from, visitors are guaranteed an exhilarating and memorable experience.

About St. Maarten

The St. Maarten Tourist Bureau (STB) is a department within the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication of the Government of St. Maarten. It is tasked with advising the Government on all tourism related matters, while at the same time being the arm of government that executes policy. More specifically, STB is tasked with promoting the island; and overseeing the vision and improvement of the island as a tourism product, through on island projects and by encouraging tourism investment from abroad.

STB also creates awareness of tourism among the island’s people, not as an alien industry in which they serve, but as an economic activity they are voluntarily engaged in and can fully participate in to further enhance their wellbeing, while reaping the benefits they have helped to create for themselves and their families.



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