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Hong Kong

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Hong Kong is renowned for its expansive skyline and natural setting and for its unique identity as a cosmopolitan centre. Due to the culture’s mix of the territory’s Chinese roots with the culture brought to it during its time as a British colony/territory, it is a center where the East meets the West in all its traditions. Some 46 buildings unite efforts to produce a brilliant light show (The Symphony of Lights) every night in Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong has a way of balancing a modernised way of life with traditional Chinese practices and the building of Hong Kong has been based on the ancient art of Feng Shui, a system that allows for the heathy flow of wind and water. Both fastidious order and supreme beauty can be seen in the buildings of the modern metropolis of Hong Kong.

Ancient art of Feng Shui

Cuisine in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an infinite paradise of dining choices, regardless of the preferences of your palate, offering superb cuisine from around the world and an infinite choice of restaurants. It is best described as a type of eclectic cuisine with extensive influences from Cantonese cuisine and parts of non-Cantonese-speaking China.Traditional Chinese preference of food freshness means grocery shopping is done more frequently at local markets. Food has a sacred place in daily rituals in Hong Kong, as fruits are usually seen placed at altars of worship and at burial ceremonies. Trendy teashops have sprung up in Hong Kong, where you can choose from a variety of green tea, as well as white and red blends, all served fresh and with great pride.



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