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Los Cabos International Film Festival Unveils Information about Upcoming Festival

Toronto, Ontario – August, 2019 – Los Cabos International Film Festival is proud to present its new image for this 8th edition, which will take place from November 13 to 17 in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.

This year, prominent Texas-based Cuban visual artist, Magdiel López, was in charge of the

using his paintings and clippings as the main base for his designs, as Matisse did. His work can be defined as an expression of everyday feelings and experiences.

The image of a woman of epic proportions evokes the character of Queen Calafia, a mythical goddess of Baja California Sur known not only for her beauty but also for her courage and perseverance. One of Queen Calafia’s eyes alludes to the Perla Limón (Great Lemon), a magnificent stone which was extracted from the region’s pearl deposits. Her multicoloured strands of hair represent change, movement, technology and innovation, core features of our Festival’s mission.

The Arco (Arch) — Los Cabos’ emblematic landmark recognizable worldwide— outlines the woman’s gaze and invites us to live an experience. The starlit sky in the deserts of Baja California Sur blends with the pink hue of Los Cabos’ sunsets, which in turn are fused with the deep blue of the Sea of Cortez.

The use of collage as a style in Lopez’ aesthetic proposal allows for different elements such as local references, cinema and technology symbols, and a rich and appealing color palette to come together and merge in harmony as a whole, comprised of art, innovation, destination and progress.

“To admire Los Cabos from the Arco is like looking at the most beautiful landscape through the lens of a camera. I am very happy and proud that my first artwork for a film festival should be for the Los Cabos International Film Festival. It is inspired by the beauty of Los Cabos and the ongoing impact films have in our lives,” said Magdiel López. 


We are pleased to announce that this year all of our red carpet events will take place at the Los Cabos Marina, one of the most beautiful and emblematic sites in town.

Thereby, one of the Festival’s highlights will be part of a public route, thus creating a closer proximity to the Los Cabos community. This will show off the natural beauty of our venue to the public, inside and outside of Mexico.


We are also excited to announce the activities surrounding the educational and training platform created by the Festival called Los Cabos+, which focuses on the discovery and development of young talent interested in the film industry, in Baja California Sur and the rest of Mexico. The activities that concern the Los Cabos community include the creation of cultural circuits by means of:

“Cine para todos” (Cinema for everyone) program. We will resume our free screening project in public spaces. This year we will showcase – together with the Instituto Sudcaliforniano de Cultura (the Cultural Institute of Baja California Sur) – two open-air free and public screenings on November 1 and 2. Furthermore, during the Festival – together with the Municipality of Los Cabos – we will once again schedule film screenings at the Plaza Mijares in San José del Cabo on November 16 and 17.

Series of workshops “La importancia de un Festival de Cine” (The importance of a Film Festival). These talks, which are aimed at workers in the tourism industry, the media, and students will take place throughout the months of August, September and October.

“Cine en la Playa” (Cinema at the beach). For the second year running and in partnership with Hotel Casa Dorada Resort & Spa, in Cabo San Lucas, there will be two film screenings on the hotel’s emblematic El Médano beach. These showings aimed at the community of Los Cabos, will be completely free of charge and will take place on November 14 and 15.

3er Concurso de Crítica Cinematográfica (3rd Film Critic Contest). This initiative is designed to foster the professionalization and training of new talent and targets young people over the age of eighteen. It consists of writing a film review about a Mexican feature film, following a theme previously chosen by the Jury and the Festival’s Committee. The winners will be invited to travel to Los Cabos during the Festival, where they will receive professional advice and participate in workshops imparted by a select group of Mexican film critics. The call for entry will open in September. 

Voluntarios 2019 (2019 Volunteers). A key element of our Festival are the volunteers who come together every year, offering their great talent and enthusiasm, while providing assistance to the Festival in its different areas. The call for entry to become a volunteer is announced at the different schools in San José del Cabo, La Paz and Cabo San Lucas. The volunteer registration for our 8th edition will start in September.  

Come and see what the neighbors are doing!



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