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National Indoor RV Centers Offers RVers Fleeing Hurricane Ian Refuge at Its Atlanta Dealership

Dallas, Texas (Sept. 28, 2022) – In the face of Hurricane Ian, National Indoor RV Centers(NIRVC) is opening its Atlanta-area RV lifestyle center to RVers

who are looking for a place to ride out the storm.

Brett Davis, the founder, president and CEO of NIRVC, issued an alert yesterday inviting any RVers who need a place to escape the storm to come to its lifestyle center at 1350 Hurricane Shoals Rd. NE, Lawrenceville, Ga.

Davis’ message said in part, “if you don’t mind it getting a little cramped, it’s mi casa, su casa at our facility in Atlanta.” He goes on to say, “And, please don’t offend us by trying to pay. This one is on National Indoor RV Centers.”

The CEO also promised to leverage his clout to persuade the general manager of the Atlanta dealership to spring for pizza.

NIRVC is asking affected RVers to give the lifestyle center a call at 770-979-4051 to let them know they’re on their way.

Davis’ entire message posted on Facebook is here.

Brett Davis Background

Within the RV industry, NIRVC distinguishes itself by the fact that Davis actually lives the RV lifestyle. He has been a motorhome owner for nearly 40 years and has been living full time in his motorhome since 2013. Davis bought his first coach in 1985 and over the years has traveled to all 48 contiguous states with some, or at times all, of his nine children.

For more information on NIRVC and its services, visit



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