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Portugal Named Europe’s Best Tourist Brand and the Global Third Best by Country Brand Awards

New York, NY, December 14, 2020 -- The United Arab Emirates, Australia and Portugal are the top three national brands in the world, in the category of tourism promotion, according to the first-ever Country Brand Awards Portugal. With a score of 7.37 (out of 10), Portugal ranks number three globally but is the highest ranked European destination.

The jury comprises professionals from the world of communication and is chaired by Country Branding specialist, Didier Lagae, author of the book “Marca País, Um País como Marca” and Founder and CEO of MARCO.

The judges' evaluation took place in September and October, and considered tourism promotion campaigns for the last three years but also the health management of COVID-19, during the first wave. In the end, the independent study recognized the work of building a Country Brand while in the turmoil of a global pandemic.

Regarding Portugal's victories, Luís Araújo, President of Turismo de Portugal stated: “It is with particular pride that we see the work of Turismo de Portugal recognized abroad, especially in this exceptional year. In view of the impediments that have affected our industry, Turismo de Portugal has, since the beginning, implemented measures to minimize the impact of the temporary reduction in tourism demand levels, betting on a promotion adjusted to the moment, in specific actions in different markets and above all, seeking to reinforce confidence in the destination.

About Visit Portugal:

Integrated in the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transition, Visit Portugal is the National Tourism Authority responsible for the promotion, enhancement and sustainability of tourism activity. It brings together in a single entity all the institutional skills related to boosting tourism, from supply to demand. With a privileged relationship with other public entities and economic agents, at home and abroad, Visit Portugal is committed to fulfilling the goal of strengthening tourism as one of the pillars of the growth of the Portuguese economy. [+]



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