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The Joshua Tree Desert Institute Presents the History of Alcohol in Schoolhouse Lecture

We know it, we drink it, we love it! Now discover more about the history of alcohol in an always fascinating Schoolhouse Lecture presented by the Desert Institute of Joshua Tree National Park.

The presenter is Ellie Greenwood Kodas, retired Associate Professor of American Studies and American Indian Studies, on her conversation of alcohol in the New World.

Dear Ranger Tripp and 29 Palms Historical Society: I am so thrilled that this Friday lecture is available remotely. Although both of my grandparents pioneered the Morongo Basin (Raymond and Billie Bolster) and Joshua Tree National Monument (Superintendent James Cole and wife Jessie) I am a day's journey away in the SF Bay Area. I look forward to the Pandemic enabling remote access for this and future lectures. I am really excited to attend remotely and to learn about the early history of the National Park Service which shaped the career of my maternal grandfather, the life of my mother's family and our connection to Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree National Monument and then Park. Nicolie Bolster

Here are some upcoming Old Schoolhouse Lectures:

You can view past Old Schoolhouse Lectures on the Desert Institute YouTube Channel, including last Friday's lecture with NPS Ranger, Pam Tripp,



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