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Time to Rev Up for Canada's National Ukrainian Festival 2023

Canada's National Ukrainian Festival is truly a destination, and 2023 promises to deliver the most authentic Ukrainian entertainment, food and spirit that can be found outside of Ukraine.

This year, the festival runs from August 4 to 6. The parade begins at 10:00 am, Saturday, August 5 2023 in Dauphin, Manitoba. It will assemble on Mountain Road and begins its route through downtown Dauphin, as it turns West on River Avenue, then South onto Main Street. It turns again at 4th Avenue Southwest to 3rd Street Southwest past the Personal Care Home, then again onto Jackson Street.

I am of Ukrainian descent and was able to attend last year's event. Manitoba's summer weather was on full display, accentuating the beauty of the colourful prairie fields that surround the festival site. I have never seen so many wonderful Ukrainian crafts for sale all in one place, and was impressed that people came from Ukraine with their wares to be represented in Canada. Don't even get me started on the food! To boot, I had my fortune told by a talented seer, so there is quite a variety to the booths you can enjoy at this festival.

Bea Broda models a fabulous Ukrainian embroidered blouse, emblazoned with the logo of the Winnipeg Jets! (You will not find this at most souvenir shops, anywhere!)

The phenomenal Shumka Dancers will be performing this year. Established in Edmonton in 1959, the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers present dance-theatre touring productions across Canada and around the world. Seen by millions on international broadcasts, the company has presented command performances for Queens and Presidents and have performed alongside the likes of Andrea Bocelli and Julie Andrews. As well, the Vohon and Zirka Ukrainian Dance Ensembles, Trembita and the Zbutnyy Dance Company are amnongst groups enlivening the grand stage.

Selo Ukraina

In respect to promoting the awareness and preservation of the Ukrainian heritage and culture, this popular festival site boasts an 12,000 seat amphitheatre, 450-800 capacity hall, 3 outdoor stages, vendor booths, Ukrainian Musicians Hall of Fame, as well as a Memorial Park and Heritage Village. Selo Ukraina is the original permanent home of Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival, and also hosts other events throughout the year.

Memorial Park – Selo Ukraina pays tribute to Ukrainian Canadians who fought for Canada in the last centenary, with the Memorial Park. The Tomb of the Ukrainian Soldier commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the first arrival of Ukrainian pioneers in Canada. The Filip Konowal Victoria Cross monument acknowledges receipt of Canada’s highest honour for valour in combat. The site also recognizes the 80th anniversary of the end of Canada’s First National Internment Operations, and also depicts a commemorative dedication to the memory of victims of the Genocidal Ukraine Great Famine of 1932 to 1933.

Ukrainian Heritage Village – Travel back into the past. This living museum depicts a pioneer crossroads settlement of the prairies between 1896 and 1925. The village consists of 3 pioneer homes, several farm buildings, a church, prairie school, antique farm equipment, artifacts, general store and a shoe shop. Rhodes Hall, also on-site, is the home to the Ukrainian Musicians Hall of Fame. Pioneer threshing demonstrations by the Dauphin Ag. Club are held during the CNUF festival.

The clay bake ovens provide mouth-watering, fresh baked bread daily during Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival, held every August long weekend.

Ukrainian Musicians Hall of Fame – Opened in May 2010, the Ukrainian Musicians Hall of Fame has found a home in Rhodes Hall in the Heritage Village at Selo Ukraina. Celebrating Ukrainian musicians locally and across Canada, a stroll through the displays will take you back in time and bring a whole new appreciation for the music and the artists who created it. Selo Ukraina is open by appointment, or see it come to life with its living museum everyday during the weekend of Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival.


Children 12 and under, are FREE, but we still wish for them to have a pass to hand in at the gates.

For camping, please note, all spots are 30 x 35. If your trailer or RV is larger than this, please purchase 2 camping spots. If your RV or Trailer does not fit, and you have only one camping spot, you will be asked to relocate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office.

This is a rain or shine event. CNUF is not responsible for lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged tickets.




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