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Transformational Travel Council’s Annual Global Retreat to Take Place in Bonit0, Brazil in April 24

SEATTLE (Nov. 11, 2023) – Transformational Travel Council announces its annual Transcend '24 gathering, a transformative travel event, set to take place in the heart of Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, from April 8 to 12, 2024. With the theme “Life Beneath the Surface,” conscientious tourism professionals are invited to immerse themselves in their own transformative process that reveals new techniques, tools, and value that catalyzes sustainability, regeneration, and optimism in tourism.

Transcend ’24 is the first and only all-transformational Travel B2B event in the world. Also known as “The Gathering,” the Transformational Travel Council’s annual travel event aims to assemble a diverse group of caring industry thought leaders, experts, and world destinations who are dedicated to going beyond carbon offsets and catalyzing tourism itself to shift traveler behaviors and take climate action and scale positive impact with new awareness, perspectives, and methods to fully embrace the emerging transformation economy. These like-minded travel leaders will have the opportunity to fully experience Transformational Travel by immersing themselves in the host destination’s sustainability and responsible tourism practices and experiences.

"We are excited to showcase the wonders of Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul as this year’s Transcend host destination, its dedication to taking meaningful climate action, and outstanding environmental and cultural conservation standards,” said Jake Haupert, Co-Founder and Chairman of TTC. “This gathering is about connecting with the travel and tourism industry professionals and exploring ways in which we can collectively transform travel. By rethinking how and why we travel, we can help reinvigorate our industry, replenish the resources available to us, and encourage a regenerative approach to tourism development.”

Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, is a leading example of sustainable tourism, with a strong commitment to preserving the natural and cultural heritage, making it the perfect host destination for this year’s TTC’s Transcend. As the first nation worldwide to achieve carbon neutrality, Bonito serves as a North Star for destinations in South America and the world on how to responsibly benefit from tourism while still advocating for climate action. This year’s event theme, “Life Beneath the Surface” will connect participating “change makers” with those who call Bonito home, and experience the surrounding waterways and waterfalls, the caves and fertile farmlands, and the delicious bounty they provide. The forward-thinking Bonito community will give participants the space and grace to go beneath the surface and look at their work and opportunities in tourism to scale positive impact. Transcend ‘24 will provide attendees with new awareness, perspectives, tools, and methods to fully embrace the emerging transformation economy.

Bruno Wendling, Director of Fundtur, the government organization responsible for promoting tourism in the state, notes, "By hosting this event, Mato Grosso do Sul can highlight its leadership in sustainable and responsible tourism practices, attracting like-minded travelers seeking authentic and immersive experiences. "The region boasts numerous conservation areas, protected parks, and initiatives that promote positive tourism practices. Local conservation organizations actively safeguard the diverse ecosystems and wildlife found within these areas.” Douglas Simoes from Pure Brazil, a Brazilian Incoming agency member of TTC, shares, “Hosting Transcend' 24 will not only showcase the state's offerings but also contribute to its economic growth. The event will attract qualified tourists and travel companies, create business opportunities, and further develop the local tourism industry.”

The Transformational Travel Council works with travel and hospitality professionals and destinations who are passionate about climate change and are eager to employ the tools, ideas, philosophies, and practices that make travel transformational for the traveler and the people and places they encounter. Its mission is to educate, inspire awe, and advance tourism, travelers, and communities mindful of mutual respect, fairness, and the well-being of humanity and the Earth – all through travel that raises the collective consciousness of humankind to regenerate our communities and our planet.

Coming off the rousing success of Transcend ’22 in Slovenia, they’ve evolved the event, adding another night due to the remarkable feedback. Maja Pak, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board and Transcend ’22 host country notes, “Transcend was a great opportunity to present Slovenia as a sustainable destination to more than 100 participants and highlight the key steps that Slovenia has taken to become one of the world’s most sustainable tourist destinations. Transcend looks for unorthodox solutions to create positive changes in the field of travel.”

Transcend ‘24 is limited to 125 attendees. The event caters to experience designers, hoteliers, coaches, travel advisors, guides, tour operators, journalists, and destination stewards. The programme and speaker info will be coming soon.

If you would like to interview Jake Haupert or learn more about the Transformational Travel Council, please contact Hannah Thorn at

For more information, visit Transformation Travel and on social media (Instagram and Facebook).

About The Transformational Travel Council

The Transformational Travel Council ( works with travel professionals and DMOs who want to create experiences that deliver connection, meaning, and purpose through life-changing experiences and want to employ the tools, ideas, philosophies, and practices that make a journey transformational. The Seattle-based tourism organization does that through a transformational travel design program, destination regeneration program, allyship and accreditation programs, “Transformational Travel Journal,” and an annual gathering, Transcend. That work has earned numerous awards and recognition, including the Newsweek Future of Travel Award and Meaningful Tourism Center’s Meaningful Tourism Award.



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