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Taking a Cold Sauna in the Okanagan Region of British Columbia

Updated: Dec 12, 2018


Nestled into the spectacular Okanagan region of British Columbia, the Sparkling Hill Resort is a 152-room resort and wellness hotel that offers traditional treatments, including reflexology, aromatherapy, soothing moor mud wraps and therapeutic massages, along with a complete aesthetics program. In addition, Sparkling Hill is enthusiastic to introduce North Americans to new and unique treatments that will stimulate their wellbeing and go well beyond the norm of current industry offerings.

The resort also offers consultations with physicians, nutritionists, physiotherapists as well as medical and spa practitioners. Programs are created for those interested in improving their wellbeing while many treatments are “a la carte.”

Sparkling Hill Resort & Wellness Hotel will go beyond conventional pampering, drawing guests from all over the world to experience its own unique standard of wellness, while enjoying the beauty of the North Okanagan.

The most unique treatment is the Cold Sauna, known for helping with stimulating circulation. Popular in Europe and the first in North America, Sparkling Hill’s cold sauna is KurSpa’s signature health treatment. The cold sauna provides a treatment called cryotherapy, which involves spending up to three minutes in a room set at -110°C. The room is a dry cold, which makes it comfortable. Clients are asked to wear light clothing and socks. Protective head bands, face masks and gloves are provided. Please note, all jewelry must be removed prior to entering the sauna.

While in the fully-monitored chamber, the skin temperature drops to 5°C. The blood vessels quickly build a protection zone while the core body temperature is maintained. The effect of this whole-body treatment is systemic, whereby during and after cold treatment, biochemical, hormonal and immune modulatory processes are activated, giving the nervous and circulatory systems a boost.

Cold sauna treatment is known to alleviate pain and assist with inflammation, reduce the hypertonicity of muscles, improve joint and muscle function, reduce and relieve skin irritation, cutaneous lesions with neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Guests report a pleasant warm sensation throughout the whole body, feeling happy, strong, and full of energy. For longer-lasting results, subsequent treatments are suggested.

A few additional things that make the resort unique:

  • Inspiring Powerwall™ room cabinetry incorporating Swarovski crystal elements

  • Fireplace incorporating Swarovski crystal elements

  • Unique crystal “tub-for-2” with an outside view

  • Swarovski crystal element “Starry Sky” tranquil ceiling over bathtub

  • Walk-thru shower with outside view

  • Natural ventilation with fully open sliding window wall



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