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World Habitat Day Worth the Recognition it Deserves, says Alain St.Ange of WTN

The VP of WTN (World Tourism Network) Alain St.Ange, said as he left Bali after TIME 2023 Tourism Summit that recognising World Habitat Day needed more recognition.

The Bali Tourism Summit brought to the table points that needed consideration for a sustainable tourism development order. The scary thoughts that in the next decades Tourism numbers would double as the Community of Nations stills cannot be united in the way forward for concrete acceptable approaches.

The World as a whole is feeling the impact of non-planning in the past. It is not time for name calling or blame pointing... it is more time for opening concrete positive dialogue for action related results in Unity for purpose.

Marking Habitat as it is called will and should serve to open the more comprehensive conversation for greater successes.

Habitat is an important part of that needed conversation.



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