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Czech Republic

CESKY KRUMLOV The fairy tale town of Cesky Krumlov radiates around the Vltava River, crowned by a castle tower. The second largest castle in the Czech Republic was founded by the Vitek family in the first half of the 13th century and visitors can explore furnished Renaissance, baroque and rococo interiors. There is an active graphite mine in the town where a museum outlines the area’s mining history.

KARLOVY VARY The spa town of Karlovy Vary’s Original architecture, medicinal mineral springs and the splendor of nature have been attracting well-known artists and politicians here for centuries. The waters here are said to have tremendous curative effects when taken internally over a period of time. Small theatres, galleries, cafés, nightclubs and restaurants galore festoon the enchanting streets that bustle with a banquet of unique shops and the splendor of an abundant social life.

LOBKOWICZ CASTLE The 16th century Nelahozeves Castle here represents the pinnacle of Renaissance Bohemian architecture, and it’s one of the most important private museums in Europe with its acclaimed collections of art and artifacts and 700 years of Lobkowicz family history.

MARIANSKE LAZNE Bubbling with medicinal springs, the spa towns enjoy a sub-alpine climate. Characterized by stunningly attractive buildings, the town’s hot spots are the spring pavilions where people go to take the waters. Some 40 mineral springs source in the town, with a different source coming from each sink. The hotels can be quite luxurious, and the treatment clinicians administer procedures that are tailored to individual needs, many of which are hydrotherapeutic – making use of the area’s famous waters.

MELNICK The town of Melnik is situated at the confluence of the Vltava and Elbe Rivers. Numerous wine shops can be found in a town whose charms include typical Czech souvenir shops mingling with Baroque styled facades.Chateau Melnik played a significant role in Czech history. Tours guide the visitor through the sumptuous rooms where the most conspicuous objects include 17th Century Baroque furniture and magnificent inlaid cabinets.

PRAGUE CASTLE Everything in the city radiates from the Prague Castle that was founded in the 10th century as a Royal residence. Since 1918, it’s been the seat of the presidents of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. St. Vitus Cathedral is a breathtaking example of ecclesiastical architecture and there is a small winding alley of around 16 small houses that are clinging to a former castle wall housing shops and has come to be known as the Golden Lane.

PRAGUE MUSEUMS Loreta is a pilgrimage site where you can see a replica of the Italian Santa Casa Chapel and a collection consisting of priceless lithurgic items from the 16th to 18th centuries. With history that dates as far back as the 1100’s, The Royal Canonry of Strahov is one of the oldest monasteries. The Philosophical and Theological Halls books and paintings that comprise an impressive collection.

KLATOVY AND SVIHOF CASTLE VIDEO Klatovy has been a royal town since the 13th century and is one of the richest Czech towns of the Middle Ages where the main attractions are catacombs found underneath the Renaissance town hall. Remnants of a huge medieval fortification system can be seen at the late 15th century Svihof Castle, dramatically encircled by moats fed by the River Uhlava.



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